Paul Martin

Paul Martin

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1976, Paul has pursued a career in graphic design. His award winning consultancy, which has an enviable local, national and international client list, has recently celebrated its milestone anniversary with the publication of his book 25 Years of Colouring in.

Although he is still very much involved with the creative output of the company, Paul is at last finding the time for more personal work, the style of which can best be described as ‘graphic minimalism’.

See Paul’s prints in Gallery 1...

Jill MArtin

Jill Martin

Jill has spent the last few years exploring a variety of creative activities including jewellery, linocutting and mosaic. Examples of her work can be found in Gallery 2

John Atfield

John Atfield

John is a Chartered Surveyor and Accredited Commercial Energy Assessor. He is now working part time and so is able to explore his life long hobby of photography in more depth. He is building a wide ranging portfolio of work, some of which has already won national competitions and has been on display in Worthing Museum.

See John's work in Gallery 3

hris Lee

Chris Lee

Chris Lee looks to the urban landscape for inspiration, usually from a very small, wobbly stool. The sweeping grandeur of mediaeval architecture or the aromatic charm of the local Pie Shop all caught with a delicate wandering line and some well aimed sepia ink. I work with the tiniest nibs and an ancient pigmentation called bistre. I also seem to work with the chubbiest fingers. Chubby or not they seem to pick out and embellish the beautiful detail of the townscapes around us. Sideways glimpses, hidden views, and sometimes the absolute obvious. Exaggerated perspectives and meandering line work add more layers of character, monochromatic in one sense, multi dimensional in every other.

See Chris's work in Gallery 4

hris Lee

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins was an academic and transport planner for 30 years. However, since erecting a railway sleeper in his garden as a plinth in 2009, he has now created a different wood or metal sculpture every few months. Steve also uses reinforced concrete to create garden features, including collaborations with Jill Martin to produce mosaic decorated garden birds.

See Steve's work in Gallery 5